Research Impact workshop with Inndie Ventures

Supported by the SiDE Hub, Inndie Ventures hosted a Research Impact workshop for the BESiDE team.

The purpose of the workshop was to consider how the research undertaken in the BESiDE project could be utilised to have ‘policy impact’. One of the original impact aims for the BESiDE project was to inform policy as to how built environments can facilitate increased well-being in old people. 

Prior to the workshop Inndie developed a structured process that was designed to allow the BESiDE researchers to identify and map opportunities for policy impact. The workshop made use of business model canvases to explore and discusse three broad opportunities for impact and considered how these might be realised.

The Gap Between BEPs and Care Home Users

The participants identified that a ‘gap’ that exists between the understanding of Built Environment Professionals (BEPs) and the needs of the users of care homes.  There may be opportunities to address this and have impact by disseminating BESiDE’s research findings through non-academic channels (such as BEP journals), providing training and education for BEPs, creating tools that BEPs can use during the design process and by providing examples of good and bad design. 

The Policymaking Process

The existence of problems as outlined above suggests that there may be an opportunity to have impact by examining the process of making policy. It is possible that policies are designed based on inadequate evidence or that well-designed policies are poorly implemented. As such BESiDE may be able to have an impact by examining what happens during the process of policy creation and implementation. This could be achieved by providing tools for data collection, enabling better implementation and possibly via a ‘lean’ approach to policy design.

 Gaps Between Stakeholder Groups

In the same way that there is an ‘understanding gap’ between BEPs and the users of care homes, there are in fact gaps between all major stakeholder groups. This causes problems when creating, assessing and implementing policy. There may be an opportunity for the BESiDE team to explore how these gaps can be bridged by providing information and improving communication between stakeholder groups.


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  • A Workshop
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Queen Mother Building

University of Dundee
United Kingdom

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