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Voice of the User - Working with Care Home Residents

Marianne Dee was invited to give a short presentation to the Computing User Centre Group at the University of Dundee.

The User Centre Group is based at the Queen Mother building at the University of Dundee. It works alongside the Computing teaching and research staff from the School of Science and Engineering.  It is a friendly and informal computer club for over 60s - a space where older people and technology meet. 

Marianne presented an overview of the findings from the supported conversations with residents of care homes to the group of older adults. The talk reported on a brief description of the methods used to encourage engagement and open conversations with care home residents and a comparison of findings from interviews with visitors to care homes and residents of care homes. 

The main issues of importance to residents of care homes were autonomy and social interactions; most importantly maintaining relationships with friends and family and being able to enjoy different types of visiting.  Autonomy was hindered when personal choice was limited or they had no control over where or who they sat with and when there were no alternative personal or private spaces.  


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The User Centre Group

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