Prof. Paul Watson recieves Jim Gray eScience Award

Each year, Microsoft Research presents the Jim Gray eScience Award to a researcher who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of data-intensive computing. The award—named for Jim Gray, a Technical Fellow for Microsoft Research and a Turing Award winner who disappeared at sea in 2007—recognizes innovators whose work truly makes science easier for scientists.

BESiDE CoInvestigator Professor Paul Watson has been awarded the Jim Gray eScience Award from Microsoft Research for his ground-breaking contributions to the field of eScience.  Paul recieved the award at the Microsoft eScience Workshop 2014 in Guarujá, Brazil.

Paul’s work since the 1980’s as a designer of the Alvey Flagship and the Esprit EDS systems, together with his research projects in scalable information management, embody the type innovation in eScience that Jim Gray would have appreciated—and are exactly the kinds of achievements that the Jim Gray eScience Award was created to recognize. —Harold Javid, Director, Microsoft Research