Fiona Welch

Project Partner Representative

I am an architect at Collective Architecture in Glasgow, and since joining the office in 2007 have worked on projects at a variety of scales, from exhibitions to urban social housing, specialist care facilities and strategic master-planning. We work in multi-disciplinary teams and with a diverse range of stakeholders to provide holistic solutions. Through practice and research with Collective Architecture I have developed an expertise in designing for dementia; knowledge invaluable to the success of the innovative centre for sufferers of Alcohol Related Brain Disease in Glasgow's East End. I am also a part-time design tutor at Strathclyde University and a member of Architects for Health. I won 'Architect of the Year' at the Women In Construction Awards 2014.

Having worked on a number of projects for users with special needs, I feel passionately that the built environment should be accessible for everyone and that we need to design carefully to future proof the buildings being constructed now for our ageing population. The BESiDE project is an exciting opportunity for multi-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing to ensure that the research is as productive as possible in informing how we can design and deliver more enabling environments.

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