Ms Jane Simpson

Advisory Board Member

I am an Architect and NRAC Access Consultant, a director of my own company Jane Simpson Access Ltd. Throughout my career I have worked within a local authority, private practice and planning department, with over 20 years experience in inclusion. In addition to running my own Access Consultancy, I am heavily involved in RIBA, being a regional council member, their specialist practice adviser on access, this involves ad-hoc meetings with other organisations and providing advice to members. I also represent them on a number of interest groups, including the Pocklington Trust, BSI 559 (BS8300) and the UIA Architecture for All Europe panel. Furthermore, I advise the CPD panel and the Regulations and Standards Group as to the responsibilities of the organisation and impending legislative changes which may impact on the construction environment. In addition, I am a management board and consultant member of the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC) which is an independent register of accredited Access Consultants and Access Auditors.

Any research which can inform future and current investment in care homes and the lives of our aging population is of great interest to me both professionally and personally. The aging crisis has been identified as more critical than climate change. I hope that this project will provide guidance to clients, designers and the construction industry as to the key elements in reducing barriers to independent and dignified living. An outcome I would like to see, is the development of CPD and training not only for designers but also for those with control of the purse strings and policy makers.

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Specialist Practice Adviser - Volunteer
Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)