Ms Linda Crighton

Linda left the BESiDE team in September 2016. Linda is taking up a role as part of the team running the exciting All-Heart Study investigating the use of Allopurinol to counter heart disease.


My primary role is communication with participants and their families and ensuring that all interactions are respectful, appropriate and fully considerate of physical and mental comorbidities.

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  • Baseline Measure of Physical Activity among Care-Home Residents Captured

    19 Residents from 8 Care Homes wore the GENEActiv accelerometer (a wrist-worn watch like device) for periods of up to 7 days in the daytime. Together they provided valuable information on their levels of physical activity over 124 days, giving 1300 hours of recorded data.

  • Care Home Physical Activity Study Has Started

    This exciting phase of the BESiDE Research project has commenced in Tayside Care Homes.

    Consented Residents have been wearing a wrist worn device called a GENEActiv which records the movements of the wearer whilst they go about their normal daily activities.

    This information when merged with observations about where in the building activities like walking takes place, and social interactions like spending time with fellow residents, staff and family and friends, will provide new insights in a research area where little is known.