Sara Nevay

Sara left the BESiDE team in 2015 to start a PhD with DJCAD exploring co-design and e-textiles in preventing loneliness in older adults.


My research interests include co-designing with and for people within health, wellbeing and care contexts, creating bespoke design solutions that cater to their specific needs and wants. My role for BESiDE is to co-design, with older people and care home residents, wearable artifacts that will house sensors to gather data about an individual’s journey throughout their home. Thereby identifying design opportunities for the betterment of built environments for older people and impacting more positively on health and wellbeing.

Skills: Design, co-design, craft, prototyping, information visualisation and communication

  • Dundee Smart Care Convention 2017

    Professional/Trade Conference

    Our co-design researchers presented some of their work at Dundee Smart Care Convention at Caird Hall Dundee. Having worked with older adults to customise and redesign wearable sensors to make them more acceptable and appealing for use in everyday life, our researchers showcased sample bespoke wearable designs as well as some design tools that were used to support ideation and creative development.

  • DRS2016
    Design Research Society 2016

    A Scientific Meeting (conference, seminar etc.)

    The Design Research Society 2016 (DRS2016) conference was held in Brighton, UK. A biennial conference organised by the Design Research Society, it is a learned society committed to promoting and developing design research worldwide. Established in 1966 it is the oldest multi-disciplinary society for the international design research community and this year it is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

  • European Academy of Design
    The Value of Design Research 2015

    A Scientific Meeting (conference, seminar etc.)

    BESiDE contributed to this year's European Academy of Design conference, The Value of Design Research, at Paris Descartes 22-24 April 2015.

  • Ergonomics and Human Factors 2015

    A Scientific Meeting (conference, seminar etc.)

    This April, BESiDE contributed to the International Conference on Ergonomics & Human Factors, ''. 

  • Translating mood boards into design concepts

    A Workshop

    The BESiDE designers revisited the care home residents they have been working with to develop aesthetic design constraints for wearable carriers by using mood boards to refine their design direction.  

  • Mood Boards and Design Development

    A Workshop

    In follow up to their recent ‘Inspired’ co-design workshop (see Inspired wearables for more details) the designers created personalized mood boards to represent a visual flavour of the conversations they had with each of the residents who had shared their inspirations, likes and dislikes. These mood boards were intended to support these same residents to develop and refine a design narrative for a personalized wearable.

  • Inspired wearables: tapping into hobbies and favourite holidays

    A Workshop

    BESiDE designers met with a new group of residents to lay out their design ideas and interpretations of engaging wearable carriers for the location logging technology. Residents were invited to the session in advance by cards in the post, having been identified as willing and able to participate by care home staff and designers in a previous and informal visit. The invitation cards described the design activity and suggested that residents might like to bring ‘inspirational objects’ with them to aid their design ideation.

  • SiDE User Pool
    Celebration of Contributions to Research

    An Open day

    Around 90 older adults from across Scotland visited the School of Computing at the University of Dundee for a special event to celebrate their work helping researchers to develop more inclusive technologies.

    The Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy (SiDE) User Pool, based in Dundee and including members across Scotland supported 30 academics to complete 50 research activities over the last five years. The User Pool is comprised of individuals who volunteered to help research into the digital exclusion of older adults and people with disabilities. 

  • Christmas Crafting with Care Home Residents

    A Workshop

    The design team have been newly introduced to residents at another local care home working with BESiDE project who are interested in participating in our co-design activity and data collection studies.

    As an introductory activity, the design team hosted a Christmas Crafting event in the care home lounge a week before Christmas. Residents were invited to make and decorate Christmas cards and ornaments using festive arts and crafts materials. The design team also brought mince pies and cake to amp up the festive atmosphere.

  • Co-design Workshop in Newcastle - Designers, Technologists & Users create personalised wearables

    A Workshop

    BESiDE designers and technologists visited a local care home in Newcastle to co-design wearable carriers for location logging devices. This home will be the first of our partner care homes to trial these devices in a live five-day study. Having built a relationship with this care home, and its staff and residents,  technologists will be on hand throughout the trial to augment and maintain the technology and wearables whilst being worn. This particular care home specialises in care provision for adults who have learning disabilities or complex communication needs.

  • Digital Economy All Hands Meeting 2014

    A Scientific Meeting (conference, seminar etc.)

    BESiDE contributed to the Digital Economy All Hands Meeting 2014 'The application of Digital Innovation'.

    The Digital Economy All Hands conference brings together the UK's most innovative thinkers and researchers to share ideas on how to impact society across a range of sectors; including, transport, healthcare, financial services, and the creative industries.

  • Co-design kit pilot workshop with SiDE User Pool

    A Workshop

    In a co-design workshop at the School of Computing, BESiDE's design team invited members of the SiDE User Pool, who have experience of visiting or working in care homes to trial and discuss a design kit currently under development. This kit comprises of a range of different materials and wearable components for care home residents to use to build wearable carriers for location logging devices that is to their taste and style.

  • Wearables and Wearability: Care home residents tell us about their style preferences

    The BESiDE design team visited a local care home who are working with the research project last week to host a co-design workshop. A small group of residents were invited to meet with the team in a design session where they could critique and customize ‘pouch’ designs that could hold location based sensors. The prototype designs were created to include residents’ initial advice from a previous visit as to preferred colours, textures and patterns.

  • Spotlight on BESiDE Research Assistant: Sara Nevay

    Sara is a Research Assistant within the BESiDE  project team.   She is a trained textile designer with a Masters in Design for Services from University of Dundee. She combines the skills of crafting by hand and service design methodologies, to identify and address design problems with people who use, deliver and commission services.

    “BESiDE looks at the built environment and the ways that it can enable and disable older adults. We do this by working with architects and designers to develop tools to meet the needs of elderly people.