Dr Simon Woodman


I am a Senior Research Associate in the Digital Institute at Newcastle University. I am one of the architects of e-Science Central, a cloud-based system to support data storage and analytics within the scientific domain. I have worked extensively on both the core of the system and the provenance capture component. e-Science Central is used extensively in both academic and commercial settings. Within the BESiDE project I am interested in the large scale analysis of physical activity data and indoor positioning systems.

Skills: Building Information Modelling, Spectral Analysis, Flood Modelling, Light Rail Infrastructures, Social Exclusion, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Analytics

  • BESiDE Method for Sensor-Based Analysis of Building Use in Care Homes


    The BESiDE team have developed a system for capturing quantitative data about how older adults utilise the indoor spaces in residential care homes. The system uses sensors and smart devices to collect data about residents’ movement and activities, and was successfully used in multiple studies in a number of homes.

  • Platform for data analysis within BESiDE

    Within BESiDE, researchers are using a workflow based approach to analyse the data collected from the sensing devices deployed in the care homes. Accelerometers are being used to measure the physical activity of individual participants within multiple care homes. The participants from the care homes are provided with accelerometers and data is being collected from registered participants across various care homes.