The Scottish Universities Insight Institute presents its report on understanding,measuring and promoting wellbeing at Dundee University

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The Scottish Universities Insight Institute supports programmes of knowledge exchange which address and provide insights on substantial issues that face Scotland and the world, by breaking down disciplinary and organisational barriers and bringing together academics from different backgrounds with policymakers and practitioners.Some of their previous programmes include, Flourish-personhood and collective wellbeing, Home not housing-engaging with wellbeing outcomes, memory friendly neighbourhoods and Assistive Technologies in social care.Their brilliant website contains reports on all their projectsThe wellbeing of care home residents in relation to the built environment is a key area of BESiDE's remit and the reports and experiences of those involved in these varied programmes offers us new insights and ways of looking at things.The Institute is keen for new approaches to be made to them for funding and support for new projects by the end of March this year.