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Sharing decision making and listening to your community in renovation projects

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An article on the My Home Life website describes the experiences of upgrading a large residential and nursing home for older people.

''Early on we started to look at what we could change, and how. We consulted residents, their families and the wider community, not only about the building, but residential care more broadly''

''Major changes included creating a large “Central Cafe”, a state-of-the-art hairdressing salon, a brand spanking new shop, a beautiful airy atrium and a medical suite for our GP surgery and district nurse, physio and optician’s appointments. We re-landscaped our gardens, bringing them right up to the doors of the building, making them easier and safer for residents to access independently – so crucial to people’s wellbeing''

''The cafe and outdoor sitting areas are used not only by our residents and their families and friends but also by people living locally, who now choose to come to the home to meet up for coffee or lunch. It’s become a social hub with young mums coming in with babies which our residents love to see. It’s not like an “old home” at all – it’s a vibrant happy place''

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