Many activities in a care home

Observing a Week in the Life of a Care Home

Though observations, we identified demands on spaces in care homes in regards to function, routine, and wellbeing of users inclusive of staff (as a working environment), residents (as a home), and visitors (as a place to visit). Working in a series of homes in Scotland and England captured a breadth and detail of examples creating insight into:

How can the built environment in care homes facilitate physical ability and wellbeing?

What are the demands on spaces in Care Homes?

  • What is the routine of the users/care home building?

  • What are the space-types in a care home?

  • What are the environmental/spatial factors that affect these activities?

This element of the research was exploratory in nature, the ethnographic observation methods allowed us to capture narratives of everyday life in a care home. By relating this to environmental and wellbeing factors we built insight into the demands on care home spaces.  Using a focused purposeful sampling we have carried out the observation study within 6 care homes and have 500 recorded observations.