Supporting Purposeful Conversations about Care homes

The BESiDE Purposeful Talk package is developing software for supporting dialogues between architects and stakeholders, guiding and informing the design process.

The software offers flexibility, allowing for specification of custom topics to be discussed, while at the same time capturing the detailed structure of the dialogue, and offering prompts to the interviewer to guide the conversation.

This is achieved by specifying a set of rules for the dialogue in "Dialogue Game Description Language". The "Dialogue Game Execution Platform" interprets these rules and run the dialogue process.  Multiple interfaces including graphical interfaces aimed at a range of different users, as well as artificial agents representing a specific view point will then be able to interact with this dialogue.

The dialogue structure captured by the software will be usable by a range of tools to get statistics on the discussion, view key points, or to investigate a particular issue more thoroughly.

This work is being led by researchers from ARG-Tech, the Centre for Argument Technology.  Read more about them and the work they do on their website


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